About us

My soap making adventures started when I made a few soaps for family and friends as Christmas gifts. I was hooked! There are so many scents available, different ingredients and recipes to work with, fun designs and techniques...oh the possibilities! I soon had soap everywhere! I realized making soap creations is fun and makes me happy! But I also realized hand made soap is gentler on my skin than what I was buying at the store. I like being able to control what I put on my skin. A lot of people asked if I was going to start selling it. This eventually planted the seed and here I am, with a soap shop!

The name, Sammer Soaps, came from years ago. When my nephew was little he couldn't pronounce my name, Sandra, and called me Sammer. I figured this would make a unique name for my shop.

So, here I am sharing my creations with the world. Hopefully you can find a soap or other product that will delight the senses. If you don't see anything here and would like something specific please contact me for a custom order. Thanks for taking a look at my shop and happy soaping!

For all inquiries, contact me at Sandra@sammersoaps.com



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